The logo of ICE-TCS is courtesy of Emilka Bojanczyk. Reykjavik University.

Available PhD positions at ICE-TCS

The centre is seeking PhD candidates in the following fields: logic and concurrency (contacts: Anna Ingolfsdottir (annai AT and Luca Aceto (luca AT, algorithms and distributed computing (contacts: Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson (eyjo AT and Magnús M. Halldórsson (mmh AT, combinatorics and automated proofs (contact: Henning Arnór Úlfarsson (henningu AT, types and programming-language semantics (contact: Tarmo Uustalu (tarmo AT

Aims and Scope

The aim of the Centre is to establish in Iceland important areas of basic research in the mathematical foundations of Computer Science, notably Algorithmic Program Verification, Mathematical Logic in Computer Science, Models and Logics for Reactive Systems, Semantics of Computation and Systems Biology, alongside existing activities in Algorithmics, Bioinformatics, Applied and Discrete Mathematics and Machine Learning.

Theoretical Computer Science is a research area in which Iceland now hosts a critical mass of internationally recognized researchers. It is high time to establish a research centre in this field to exploit the available scientific strength in order to

  • focus the research efforts, and establish synergies amongst the active researchers in Iceland,
  • attract outstanding researchers in Theoretical Computer Science to Iceland for short or long term visits leading to collaborations with local researchers and to improvements in the Icelandic research environment,
  • organize international conferences and workshops in Theoretical Computer Science in Iceland to put the country firmly on the map as a recognized conference location for high quality events in the field, and
  • attract young, outstanding students from Iceland to this research area.