Logic Colloquium 2022


The meeting will be held at the premises of Reykjavik University (map below), close to the city center of Reykjavik (Iceland), hosted by the ICE-TCS research center of the Department of Computer Science.

No entry restrictions due to Covid

Iceland lifted all entry restrictions related to Covid. Since the situation might still evolve, visit island.is to get the latest instructions.

You can check covid.is for the current Covid situation in Iceland.


Accommodation is expensive in Greater Reykjavik and in Iceland in general. Use Booking.com or AirBnB, read reviews, and choose the location carefully.

Public buses are infrequent and expensive, so it is advised to target an accomodation which is within walking distance from Reykjavik University. Reykjavik University is not to be confused with the University of Iceland; both are located next to the domestic airport, but at opposite ends.

In general, any location in Reykjavik districts 101 (102) is fine and 105 and 107 too (residents of Greater Reykjavik tend to identify city districts by postal codes).

Hotel Natura is between the center and the university, also very close to the terminals of Reykjavik Excursions at BSÍ and AirportDirect at Skógarhlíð.


The Icelandic currency is the Icelandic kronur (ISK); 1 EUR is approximately 140 ISK and 1 USD, approximately 130 ISK. Cash being seldom used in Iceland, we recommend that you do not exchange currency or withdraw Icelandic cash from an ATM.

Getting from the airport to Reykjavik

The Keflavík international airport (KEF) is next to the town of Reykjanesbær, some 50 kms from Reykjavik.

You get to the city with one of the two commercial operators Reykjavik Excursions and AirportDirect. The transfer costs about 3500 ISK one way. If you add a connection to your hotel/guesthouse, that is another 1000 ISK. The operators are comparable, but Reykjavik Excursions does not publish their schedule, ask when the bus goes before you buy the ticket. There are ticket booths in the arrivals hall and buses depart straight in front of the entrance door. There is no need to book the ticket in advance on the way to Reykjavik. On the way back to the airport you might want an advance booking, including a pickup from your accommodation.

There is also the line 55 of the Icelandic public bus system Strætó. The ride costs 1960 ISK one way. The bus stop is a bit hidden next to the airport hotel. This bus is infrequent, but you can check the schedules.

Taking a taxi from/to the airport is extremely expensive, if you choose this option you might consider sharing with other attendants.

If you encounter any issues with this website, please get in touch with Léo Exibard.